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About Us

Tennessee Alarm Store is a family owned and operated, one-stop Alarm Super Store, specializing in providing you with the products and support you need to install your own DIY home alarm system / DIY home security system. When you buy from the Tennessee Alarm Store, you become a part of our family. If, in addition to your DIY home alarm system / DIY home security system, you are looking for help with motion, flood, fire, heat, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, we can help with that too. When looking for family protection from catastrophic hazards or theft, look no further, Tennessee Alarm Store has it all.

Let me tell you a bit about our family...

Police OfficerI am a former, Southern California police officer, who has earned advanced certifications in law enforcement. I have more than 12 years of patrol duty and investigative experience. I have responded to many burglary, robbery, crime and disaster scenes. I have seen simple burglaries (a broken window) all the way to elaborate schemes (one guy tunneled through a wall, another through the roof). It is always sad when something unexpected happens, but the saddest thing is responding to a scene where much of the damage and loss could have been prevented! It isn't just about losing THINGS. Things can be replaced, but when the sanctity of the home has been violated, the impact cannot be measured in terms of an insurance claim.

DaughterGrandsonThink of returning home from a day of family fun and discovering a burglary has occurred. You will probably find your home has been ransacked, vandalized, and you will still be identifying missing items many months after the occurrence. Someone uninvited has been in your home! When the pillow upon which your child rests their head has been touched by a stranger, even symbolically, fear enters the home, and it is hard to show him the door. The way I look at it, keeping him out to begin with is the goal.

After leaving law enforcement, I spent the next 20 years installing transportation related electronics and electrical systems. What do traffic signals and DIY home alarm systems / DIY home security systems have in common? Quite a lot actually! Both require a working knowledge of hardwired and wireless electric, electronics and communications systems. Both involve creating a safe environment and both can be demystified with a little help and assistance. That is where the Tennessee Alarm Store comes in.

My wife is a school teacher, and we are proud to be the grandparents of a beautiful grandson. That is him in the knitted cap. His Mommy is shown to the left of him when she was just a little girl. My wife and I started this business together with the rest of our family because we, like you, love our daughter and grandson. We, like you, work hard to have a warm home. We, like you, want to feel safe and secure there. When our heads hit the pillow, we sleep soundly. We would like to help you have that same feeling of contentment.

Now you can benefit from all my knowledge and experience, and the care and concern of my family. You can protect your family and possessions while saving money by doing it yourself. Generally you will achieve a better installation and will benefit by fully understanding the inner workings of your DIY home alarm system / DIY home security system. When you call, you will reach me directly or a member of my family. We aren't the biggest, but when you are looking at something as personal and intimate as protecting your family, we can provide you with a level of service and personalized advice that the big guys only wish they could offer.