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Monitoring Your Alarm System

24 hr. Central Station Monitoring

central station monitoringTennessee Alarm Store is proud to offer 24-hour, Central Station Monitoring of your DIY home alarm system / DIY home security system for Burglary and Fire at a greatly reduced rate. Also included is coverage for Fire, Medical and panic button style functionality. For only $12.95 a month, (42.5 Cents a day), you will have operators standing by to receive the alarm and make all the proper notifications to the Police, Fire or Medical Departments. We have negotiated this rate with a large, reputable firm. Our goal is to keep costs down without sacrificing reliability. It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to protect your family and personal property!

What happens to your DIY Home Alarm System / DIY Home Security System if a thief decides to cut your telephone and disable the phone? Modern alarm panels are constantly monitoring the phone line and if it senses that the phone line is being tampered with, it will alert you that there is a malfunction on the telephone line. If the alarm control panel is armed through programming it can be set to go into an alarm condition and sound the sirens.

You might be interested in knowing how this monitoring works.

When your DIY home alarm system / DIY home security system sends an alert, your alarm control panel sends out a variety of codes that will inform the monitoring service as to the kind of alarm and where it is occurring. The monitoring company will know immediately whether this is a fire, burglary or medical alarm. These codes will tell them what zone or zones are in alarm. Then the monitoring service will make the notifications according to the instructions you have provided. You can instruct them to first call your residence to confirm the alarm. In the event that someone answers the phone, they will be asked to provide an alarm code, known only to you and your family and the alarm monitoring service. Once the alarm code is provided, if this was an inadvertent alarm, no further notifications will be made. This is to guard against false alarms resulting in the dispatch of fire, police or medical personnel. Some communities charge EVERY time a wheel turns, and this will help prevent this from happening. If the wrong code is given to them, they will immediately summon the police and provide them with this information. If, when the monitoring company calls, you do not answer, it will be assumed that the dwelling is either unoccupied or that those within the house have become incapacitated. In either case, you want emergency personnel to be notified IMMEDIATELY! You can feel safe knowing that your loved ones are protected, and your personal property is being safeguarded.

Can I "Self Monitor" my security system

Yes, through the installation of a dialer you can have your alarm system call a pager, cellular telephone or any other device that functions with a telephone number. This device can call up to 4 or more numbers with a pre-recorded message that your security system has been activated. It will be up to you to make further notifications. Some insurance companies will not give you a discount on your home owners insurance unless your alarm system is monitored by a commercial alarm monitoring company. It is entirely up to you but let me remind you that the modest amount we charge ($12.95) is usually offset by the savings on your insurance policy.