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Tech Support

We, here at Tennessee Alarm Store, will not forget you after the sale. We are just as concerned with the installation and operation of your DIY security system as you are. Your satisfaction is very personal to us, and if you do not feel we gave you our undivided attention, we want to know about it. Our business depends on word of mouth, and we take every reasonable step to ensure you a successful installation of your security system. Now, let me be clear, I might not board a plane, rent a car and drive to your house. (You don't want me to anyway. I am the son of Montana homesteaders, and we eat A LOT.) I will, however, help troubleshoot your installation to the best of my ability.

Technology changes. That is a certainty. Because of this, there may be times when we will not be able to fully answer your questions. If this occurs we will immediately attempt to get the answers, even if this means calling the manufacturer. If you run into any problems with the installation, programming, running wires, or you are just not sure of the placement of the detectors, we are only an e-mail or phone call away.

Also, let me say up front that one of the most common problems with installs is a reduction in the flow of current. This can be caused by a crimped line, a faulty connection, or even occur over time as equipment is used. Every house settles, and an install can work fine for years and then suddenly experience a problem. Let me share an idea that I feel certain will be some of the best money you have ever spent. Buy a digital multi-meter along multimeterwith your alarm components. Why? By merely touching the leads of the meter to a wire, you can instantly see if your components are functioning properly. This is a BIG time saver! (Oh, and let's say you need to replace an electrical outlet in your house. This meter can tell you if you have been successful in killing the current to that outlet BEFORE you start turning screws. I don't know about you, but what little hair I have, I don't want electro-permed!!! It has many other uses too.) You will find this meter to be invaluable to you in your daily life and I find it to be as important as a screw driver, pair of pliers, hammer or any other tool in your tool box.

Bottom line, we are here to help you with your DIY alarm system. Give us a try and you will see. We are your one-stop DIY alarm super store!